Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prom 2015 and the end of the school year

It just feels like everything is happening in a big whirlwind right now.

So much happens at the end of the school year, and unfortunately our computer crashed with all kinds of pictures on it.  I can hopefully get a bunch of them here and just stuff them in so we at least have a vague memory of the happenings of the spring of 2015.

We had all kinds of choir, band, and clogging performances, Clogging National Competition, a couple birthdays, finals, Piano Advancements Competitions, some remodeling of our house, and wedding planning.

Somewhere in there Prom fit in, and Tanner planned the perfect evening for his favorite girl!

They played laser tag and got ice cream for their day date, and then that evening they had dinner (that I cooked) at Taylor's house.  The surprise for the night was a limo pulling up to the house to drive them to the dance.  After the dance they went to Taylor's again for a movie under the stars.

Such a magical night!



This was how he asked --  he did a whole Mission Impossible (It was AWESOME!),
 and at the final destination he had projected a Batman image on a fence (Katie loves Batman!).  
It was super cute and fun to put together!

And how she answered him.... 
A pinata he had to break,
so he keeps the head on his wall! haha!
So fun!!


School Performances..... cute silly girls!

Mariah's besties

Clogging Nationals -- it rained all day and it was FREEZING!
But they both did AWESOME!
Mariah got Junior All-American!!! 
and they both got 1st's on all their events!!

We actually ran into a guy who has recently returned from Akayla's mission at Nationals!
She's told me a bit about him so I recognized him and just had to say hello!
His sister clogs so she was there too!
Crazy small world!

Amazing what a little paint and 
some trim does to a room!
We are going room by room to update 
each area of our home.

We started with the theater room -
I know that sounds like our priorities are a little funny,
but we want our kids (teenagers mostly) to bring their
friends here and have a place they're not embarrassed of!
This is an awkward room to take a picture of,
 so this is just the front area.
You can't see the whole back of the room with a big snack bar
And it's fabulous to have a big comfy couch that we ALL fit on! 

The entry way...... not completely finished, but it's looking AWESOME!
*Because of everything else going on Dave and I had to split up for a lot of the different performances our kids had.  Dave is typically the one who takes videos, and I take pictures - so this is all I have after a ton of recitals, choir and band concerts.  Haha!
Adri has loved choir so much this year.
She was able to be in Great Scots (the sophomore girls choir)
as a freshman, and it was a great experience!
*how Adri deals with the stress.....

.....and how Tanner deals with the stress!

random stuff 
Anna and her best friend started a prank war with their guy friends 
(they totally won by the way!)
This was the funniest prank - 
plastic wrap on CJ's bed and toilet
Such fun girls!!

Daddy and his little boys!

Lea is such a goof!
She got to register for Kindergarten and asks every day 
if she gets to go to school today!
Summer is going to be so long!!

Creative kids!  Luckily no-one got hurt!

Mason plays best by himself - no big brother and sister
taking his stuff away.  Sweetest boy!!

5th Grade Graduation

I can't believe Mariah will be in Middle School next year!!!

Engagement Pictures
Corina is getting married a week from today.

No panicking yet, but lots of sentimental feelings have been taking over lately.

As Dave is putting together a wedding video we are going through lots of old photos and videos, and I have to say...... it's just starting to hit me that Corina is really getting married.

She'll be changing her name and she will be his forever.

I know we'll still be her parents and we'll still be a huge part of her life, but I now understand why Dave was feeling a little sad about giving away his daughter.  

Watching The Father of the Bride felt way too familiar!

Don't they make a beautiful couple though?

And our spring birthday girls:
(Mariah - March)
Mars chose Panda Express for her birthday lunch
 My cute little 11 year old...... growing up too fast!

(Akayla & Adri - April)

It's hard for me to believe that it's been 20 years since my first beautiful baby was placed in my arms.
I struggled with having Akayla gone on her birthday.
I wanted so much just to make her favorite meal and make sure she had a special day!

The sweetest woman texted me this picture (below) right about dinner time and told me she had just fed my birthday girl a delicious steak dinner complete with baked potatoes and corn on the cob.  They even had cheesecake and her companions gave her the sweetest gifts.  

That meant so much to me!  
I hope to someday give that mom a hug for taking care of my girl on her special day!

I know Adri would just love to skip over 15 
and get to her 16th birthday!
But it was a good day anyway!

Her main gift was a total surprise......
She has wanted to go to EFY (Especially for Youth) so badly for the past couple of years, 
but I told her they were all filled and there was no way she could possibly go.  
Little did she know I had registered her months before!

and her birthday dessert?  Fruit smoothies!
our modern day Audrey Hepburn!

Wedding Bells in only 1 more week!

Good things:
no more school
free lunch at the park

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Kassie said...

How exciting! I only have married sons so I don't know exactly how it feels to have a daughter marry but I really love the girls my sons have chosen and it's so fun to see our family grow through marriage. I like thinking about my other kids and wondering what kind of people they'll bring to our family. The grandkids are pretty awesome, as well!
May gets a little bit crazy doesn't it, with all the end of year goings on? I'm always happy to get it over with.