Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I can't believe last week is really over.

It's like a dream..... but a really perfectly magical dream.

There was plenty of stress during the week, and we were rushing around like crazy people a lot of the time..... but then it was like time stood still during the most important parts and allowed me to take it all in and really enjoy and treasure the moment.

I'm so excited to see all the professional photographs!!!

Monday we worked ALLLLLL day.  We got a dumpster delivered from the city and we filled it.  It was the only day we could get it all month and we needed to take advantage of it.  We worked in the yard, we finished projects in the house, and we CLEANED like mad!  I don't like leaving my home for a week unless it's perfectly spotless.  That way when I come home I can walk in and feel so happy that my house is clean.  It's on the top of my list of important things in this life!  haha!  We even cleaned carpets and couches with our Rug Doctor (first time using it and I love it!!).  We finally left our house to drive to Utah really late that night and arrived at my parents house at around 2:30 in the morning.  Luckily we were in our motor home so we all just slept outside.  

Tuesday morning Corina came to my parents and we ran some wedding errands.  She had a freakout moment as many soon-to-be-brides do.  She just needed some mom time though, and we got a lot done.  We rushed out the door after getting ourselves all spruced up and headed to the Timpanogos Temple in American Fork.

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life has been taking my 2 daughters (so far) through the temple.  It's a peaceful and very special place to me where I get to learn more about God's plan for me and His children.  I love being in the temple!  Those who were in the temple with us (Daniel and his parents, Dave and I, and my dad) went out to eat afterwards.  All the restaurants were closed in town so we ended up at Taco Time.  I've never eaten there, and it was yummy!

Wednesday morning my sister Genelle got her tonsils out.  She's been having lots of trouble with them and it was time to remove them!  Strange timing I know, but it was really the earliest chance she had to do it and I don't blame her at all for wanting to get it over with ASAP!  So because my parents both had to work I got to be the one to take her in to the hospital and get her all set up.  Once they took her back for the surgery I left and my dad went to be with her while she woke up.

My mom and I brought Adri and Corina to Sam's Club, and we bought a TON of food for the wedding breakfast at my mom's house the next day.  When I asked Corina what restaurant she wanted to go to for her wedding breakfast she said she really just wanted something low key and more homey, and she asked if we could do it at my parents.  My mom and dad are so awesome and they agreed immediately.

I also decided to take all my girls to get our nails done, and Corina even got a pedicure.  I think it will be a new tradition, and we'll do the same thing whenever one of the sisters gets married!  Corina had to rush out and get in her wedding attire because she and Daniel were meeting the photographer at the temple to do all their bridals and couple pictures around the temple.  It gets so crazy right after a wedding and all the family is there, plus the lighting was better in the evening so that's what our photographer likes to do.  The rest of us got ready for Corina's bridal shower.  It was given by Daniel's sweet sisters, and it was such a fun shower.  They did such a great job!  I loved the games they prepared, and all the food - it was so cute!  Corina's best friends from High School came (one of them is a guy, and he is the coolest for going even though he was the only male at the shower!).  
Wednesday night I stayed up until 4:00 in the morning with my mom preparing for everything the next day.  Yikes!

poor Genelle!!
best friends!  Jordan & Nathan

roomie at BYU - Amy

My mom, sister Carissa, and SIL Erin

Dave's mom, SIL Jen, and Mariah

Daniel's sisters


Thursday morning my sister in law came over with the wedding cake so we could deliver it to the reception center.  Such a beautiful cake - she is so talented!  We got back and had barely enough time to get myself and the kids all ready for the wedding breakfast.  My parents did an amazing job (especially my mom) preparing a really nice brunch for a huge group.  We wanted all of the families and everyone to be there so we could get to know each other better.  It was a beautiful warm day, and we had a great turnout!  It was over just in time to get all ready to go to the temple.


My bro Brandon and little Bosley

the cousins and their new friends

Mason is such a little man

Miss Leandra

Brandon and Ayrial

Lea was completely in awe watching
Corina get all pretty -- so cute!

It was so wonderful to be there with so many loved ones.  My favorite part was when my sweet 91 year old grandma came in and sat next to me and my mom.  We had 4 generations there, and all of us were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  I didn't cry a ton, but I felt very emotional.  Corina held her composure really well until her daddy hugged her at the end and whispered something in her ear (something he does each night after we pray as a family and he hugs each of his daughters).  She really lost it then, and it was so sweet.  He also hugged Daniel for the first time and welcomed him to our family.  That's a big deal for Dave..... he loves his daughters and it's been hard for him to let go.

We took pictures of our whole group outside.  The poor kids didn't have a lot of fun in the waiting room, and it was super hot outside waiting for the happy couple.  They were not happy about taking a bunch of pictures, and they weren't very cooperative.  They all fell asleep in the car, and luckily they had a good nap before we went to the reception.


Daniel and his mom


dancing with daddy

throwing the bouquet

The reception was in Pleasant Grove at a reception center.  It was lovely, and so wonderful to be surrounded by family that we don't get to see enough.  At this reception we cut the cake, threw the bouquet, and we also danced.  The first dance was  with father/daughter, and mother/son.  It was so sweet!  Then they passed Corina and Daniel to each other and they finished out the dance.  I got to dance with my husband - my favorite person in the world.  We danced our first dance as a married couple almost exactly 21 years ago.  I love him even more now than I did back then, so it was very sentimental for me.  Dave danced with his mom, and I danced with Tanner and the little kiddos.  It was really fun.  Good memories.  Daniel's sisters decorated the car and sprayed silly string all over the inside also.  It was fun sending them off on their honeymoon!  I'm just happy for them.  I'm happy that Corina found someone that she loves that adores her, and that they are starting their family out in such a good way.  We left as soon as we gathered our stuff together for home.  We had another very big day coming in the morning, and we needed some sleep!

Friday was the day of our reception in Pocatello.  I had been stressing about some of the details for several weeks.  Corina didn't want to have a reception in a church gym, but we really couldn't afford a reception center.  We planned on doing it outside at a church, but there ended up being tons of wind on Friday.  So Plan B was to move into the church gym.  So now we had to figure out a way to make it look less like a church gym and more like a beautiful magical fairy tale.  We were up bright and early, and immediately got to work picking up things we rented and picking up the rest of the food and other necessary items that we had saved for the last day.  Corina's friends weren't able to go to the reception that night so they came over to help us get things over to the church.  They were lifesavers!  (Thanks Jordan, Nathan and Shardell!!)  For several hours it was just me, Dave, Adri and Tanner setting things up, and my dear friend Lindsey Vincent came also with her new baby.  But then my dad came and Dave's mom, and at the end my mother was able to come (she had a chiropractor appointment), and even my brother Brandon and his wife Ayrial.  My brother Foster even came at the end to help us clean things up! They came just at the right time and were able to really help tie up all the loose ends.  I'm so grateful for all of their help and support!  The church gym was magically transformed, and everything else was perfect too.  My friend had offered to cater for just the cost of the food, and Lindsey had made 430 (no exaggeration!!) sugar cookies for the fruit pizzas while we were in Utah.  I seriously could not have done it without all of their amazing help!  It was so fun to catch up with old friends that we haven't seen for a long time, and I was so happy with the support and love so many showed us!  But I have to admit - it was so nice that it took WAY less time to clean up after it was over, and I was so anxious to jump into bed and breathe a sigh of relief!!!

cake made by my SIL Ayrial
and cupcakes made by my best friend Lindsey

We had fruit pizzas, fruit and veggie trays,
cucumber sandwiches, and flavored popcorn
Food was catered by my friend Lisa Winans
the little boy's table.....
 I can't even stand how cute they all are!

Saturday our little Elora was baptized.  We had to get special permission to do it this weekend so that all of our family from so far away could be there.  It was another sweet moment.  Little Elli is the sweetest girl, and she was so happy about being baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.  Her 2 best friends came to be with her, and her favorite cousin was also there!  Perfect morning!

Elli's best friends Aubry and Avery
Elli's favorite cousin Lexy -- baptized a couple months ago

 We had a great lunch - bbq beef sandwiches, and tons of leftover fruit and veggies from the reception.  We still had fruit pizzas, punch, and cupcakes!  So glad we had so many helpers to eat up all that food!  We delivered the stuff we had rented, and then almost everyone had to leave.  Brandon & Ayrial stayed a bit longer, and Dave's mom is staying until Wednesday, so we decided to go see Jurassic World - just adults!  Such a fun movie, especially in 3D!  We snuck in a big bag of flavored popcorn from the reception.  I'm pretty sure all the workers knew we had it since there was no way that bag was fitting in my purse or anywhere else!  But they didn't say anything :)

little stow-aways!
They didn't want their cousins to go home!

So now things are back to normal.  But is it ever normal again?  I guess it's just a new normal.  Kind of like when you have a new baby - it's just never the same, but it's still wonderful!  I have a new son-in-law, and he will make a wonderful addition to our family!  

good things:
when your ideas work out perfectly
sweet serviceable friends
supportive family

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Beautiful bride! It all looks lovely.
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