Tuesday, June 30, 2015

almost family

Last weekend Dave and I took a trip.

It wasn't a romantic getaway, but it was even better.

We went back to the first seminary assignment we had.

Akayla's very best friend returned from his mission, and we wanted to hear him speak in church.

(It sure made me anxious for Akayla to come home though!!!)

We love Cade and his family so much.

They feel like family.

And being back in New Plymouth felt like coming home.

In the 8 years we lived there we never loved the town, the mosquitoes, or the location..... but we really LOVED the people there.  

It was so fun to see our old friends.

They've changed, and kids have grown up and many even have kids of their own.

It really is crazy how fast time flies, but I'm so very grateful that we can see these people after several years and still feel so much love for them.

I imagine that's what heaven will be like!!

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