Monday, October 19, 2015

September wrap- up

I'm in complete shock that we're coming to the end of October.

It's like I walk through life in a complete daze sometimes!  

I've been so looking forward to my missionary coming home, and counting down the days and even minutes until she's back here.....
but now that it's getting so close I'm starting to panic.

I've loved being a missionary mom.

I love knowing that my daughter is doing something so good, and I love supporting her.
I love the inspiration we receive from her each week, and I love that we all try a little harder to be better because of her!

When she gets home her life will continue as before, and she'll be moving on to the next step in life (marriage).  Then suddenly her not being in our home will be forever permanent.

I hadn't thought of all that, so I have 3 weeks to prepare myself and be at peace with everything!

3 weeks!

Dave's sister Jen came for a quick weekend visit!

Spider season -
this thing that Dave discovered on our house is haunting my nightmares

Homecoming 2015
Tanner & Katie

Adri's best friend Parker before Homecoming
(They really are just best friends)
She is proud of him for going on his first date finally!
He went to Homecoming in Tanner's group

Landon's birthday lunch--
best place for a 4 year old:  Golden Corral (not the best place for me)

extra friends at Landon's birthday party!
I love that my kid's friends feel at home here!

best present of the night!

Anna's best friend Adam
We love this kid, and I'm so glad she has a friend who is so fun, happy,
and a really good influence

beautiful fall weather

Mars & Anna 

Tanner bought himself a GoPro --
check out that tiny camera!
It's perfect for all his parkour and taking action shots

Dave had surgery to repair a deviated septum.
It was a rough few days, but he's doing much better!

good things:
Pumpkin cheesecake muffins
lunch with a friend
surprises in the mail

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