Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Senior Photo Shoot

I remember Tanner as a little boy.
He planned on being Spider Man when he grew up.

It was really hard keeping him on the ground - he literally climbed the walls!

The best thing we ever did was put him in tumbling. 
But then he discovered Parkour.....

and now he literally is never on the ground!

Lots of guys say they do Parkour because they can do some backflips or whatever, but until you see Tanner and all the amazing tricks he can do -- you really don't know how amazing Parkour really is!

When Tanner was 6 I asked him if he was planning on serving a mission someday.

He first said no way (sounded way too scary!!), but then after thinking about it he said, "I guess I'll pretty much be Spider Man by then, so I could just web 'em and teach 'em the gospel!"

Hard to believe he is old enough now to really be thinking and planning for those things.

His plan is to turn his mission papers in the beginning of May and leave sometime next Summer.

I'm so proud of him, but it might just break my heart to lose him for 2 years!

Tanner is kind, funny, intuitive, sensitive, responsible, crazy, hard-working, and such a good person.

He has been preparing to serve the Lord all his life, and though it will be hard to leave the people he loves behind..... He wants to teach people more about Jesus Christ, so he is willing to sacrifice 2 years.

How lucky I have been to have witnessed the first 17 years of this boy's life.

He will do great things!

Motherhood is a series of letting goes..... and we whisper prayers over them to a giant-slaying, earth-shaking, miracle-working God.

good things:
another senior
a whole school year left
Fall smells 

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Handsfullmom said...

What awesome photos. I loved hearing about your son.