Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spotlight on Annalisa 2007

Annalisa Miriam Ferrara
age 5 (almost 6)
Things about me:
  • Birthday: February 21, 2002
  • Favorite color: Baby blue
  • Favorite food: Spaghetti
  • Least favorite food: tomatoes (Anna is really picky right now so this list could be really long, but I know she'll grow out of it!!)
  • Favorite dessert: Ice cream
  • Favorite movie: (Something new every day) Stuart Little and High School Musical
  • Favorite tv show: Hannah Montana
  • Favorite song: I am a child of God
  • Best friends: Joseph and Maddi (and even my friend Madi who moved)
  • Favorite scripture story: Nephites and the Lamanites
  • Favorite things to do: Play with friends, watch movies, tea parties, play dress-ups, barbies and dolls with Adri and Mars, doing makeovers, color pictures, jump on the tramp, ride bikes, tease Mariah, and help mom cook.
  • Least favorite things: Scary movies and jobs
  • Favorite part of school: Math When grandma and bumpa came Annalisa asked us about a hundred times to have a tea party. She loves acting all proper and having hot chocolate for tea. Annalisa loves getting new clothes. She is very picky about what she wears. She especially likes skirts and dresses, but she hates when her pants don't fit around the waist. If something doesn't fit just perfectly she won't wear it! She is such a cute girl! I love her big brown eyes and her huge dimpled cheek when she smiles! Yes, she does have makeup on. She snuck into my makeup as soon as she got her Christmas clothes on and put mascara on so she could take pictures.December Annalisa's favorite gift for Christmas was a little electric piano with a microphone. She pretends she's a famous singer and gets all into it! She also loves the Barbie Fairytopia from grandma and the High School Musical barbie from mom and dad.October Annalisa was a cowgirl for Halloween. She talked about her costume and what she was going to wear for about a month before Halloween.

September Annalisa started Kindergarten at home this year. She is doing very well learning to read. She especially loves math though and she is very good at it. She has such a silly personality. She's always doing something silly and giggling. She's always the one to burst out in laughter (especially during family prayer) about something someone did or because she peeked at Elli.

August Annalisa LOVES Elli. Sometimes a little too much. She has a really hard time not touching her and trying to hold her all the time. She is very helpful with her though and so sweet.

She will be a great mommy someday!
July Annalisa has very fair skin so she sunburns very easily even when we smother her with sunscreen several times a day. She has the cutest little freckles on her nose though! The angels love Annalisa.
June This picture is reminiscent of when I was Anna's age. I used to love lining up all my babies and playing with them. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY BABIES!!! I also like her jammies. Even though the kids have plenty of pairs of pajamas, their favorites are daddy's big t-shirts. He has tons of BYU and BYU-I shirts and they are soft and comfy!
May Annalisa competed in the Pocatello gymnastics meet and earned a gold medal! We couldn't get any individual pictures of her so we just have the group photo. Notice Anna's buff legs. She has always been a little Tigger because she is always jumping around. She is awesome at gymnastics and has the perfect body type!
March Annalisa loves dressing up like a princess. The girls like to pretend someone is the queen and the other two are the princesses. They often fight over who gets to wear what dress, but there are plenty at this house of girls!
February Annalisa has our traditional 5-year old birthday cake. Every one of our kids has looked forward to the buble-gum cake for their birthday. I always try to do creative and fun cakes, but this has been the favorite and the only one I've done over and over. The kids also love choosing what they get to eat for dinner. Last year every one of the kids chose spaghetti pie (a recipe I created) with salad and garlic bread. They all love it, but I am soooooo sick of it! This year they are going to have to choose something new!
We got Annalisa a princess crown to wear for the day.

February We go to the homeschool skate every month and Annalisa makes a new friend every time. She is very shy, so it's surprising how easily she makes new friends. She thinks she should be able to play with friends all day long! It's only a good day if she gets to play with someone.

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Genelle said...

How much cuter can she get? Tell her to stop growing up so much! I think I should sell Anna bobbleheads!
Anna, I miss you sweetheart!