Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blessings of the temple

Dave and I were able to go to the Idaho Falls Temple this week to do sealings. It's been a while since we have been able to go together. It is 45 minutes away and you move from room to room in this temple so it takes a long time to do a session. I have a difficult time leaving my baby for that long. I'm the kind of mom who takes her babies on dates and everywhere else until I quit nursing. Sometimes Dave will sit in the car with the baby while I go through a session. This time we left the baby with Akayla so we could go together. 10 years ago we went to Italy and found some leads for family history and we were finally able to seal some of Dave's great-great grandparents together. I don't often see my husband cry. He will get tears in his eyes when he's happy, but the tears don't often fall. He cried through the whole sealing and was very emotional afterward as well. It was a neat experience. The temple is a perfect way to grow closer to your husband. I recommend it to anybody!

Just a couple days ago a sweet boy that went to our school passed away. He had a rare form of cancer. The Academy is a very small charter school, so the kids all know each other and interact with the kids in the other grades a lot. My kids have been sad, and I find myself thinking about his family and choking up a lot. During scripture study we happened to be in 2nd Nephi talking about death and resurrection and the atonement. The kids asked a lot of great questions and we had a really good discussion. We only got through a couple of verses but our scripture study lasted over a half an hour. It was a wonderful way to help the kids understand the plan of salvation. I'm sure this little boy's parents are so grateful that they are sealed together and that they will be able to be with their little guy again.

Good things:
A (relatively) close temple
The spirit of Elijah
Forever families


Genelle said...

How beautiful. I'm glad you and Dave had a nice date together. Its too bad your temple is 45 minutes away, I guess I take for granted that MY temple is 30 seconds away.

I'm sorry about the boy who died, I was listening to the bach cello suite while reading this, and I got a little teary-eyed. It's fantastic that the kids got to learn about the plan of salvation!

Lisa said...

Our temple is 2 hours away and it is tricky with a newborn. It's wonderful that you were able to do family names... it does make everything seem more real and of course more emotional. I love your 'good things' at the bottom of every post! Super creative!

Tamara said...

How wonderful that you were able to do such special family sealings. It is really hard attending the temple with nursing kids - or any kids for that matter! :o) How smart to bring your baby sitter with you!

Yes, I am so thankful for our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. What a blessing to be able to share it with your children.

Jen said...

I read this entry and cried too! You are so amazing Ang! I love what you are doing with your family blog. It's been so fun for me to learn about the kids and their interests. I loved reading about Corina and her award winning essay and Tanner and the derby. So fun! I'm glad you showed the kids my Thailand pictures. It really was a great trip...still jet lagged though. Let's talk soon! Love you!