Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flashback Friday -- written on Thursday

I decided to go down memory lane every Friday and I hope you'll join me. This Friday I was thinking about some of my favorite tv shows growing up. It seems like I watched a lot of tv, but I don't remember being allowed to watch it very often. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to play a game. Anyone can play! I'm sure at least one of my siblings remembers watching these shows also.
Each picture will have a letter by it and to win the game you have to guess the most show names. The winner will be sent a really fun prize in the mail! The contest will end next Friday (May 23), when I will post the answers!

Here are the rules of the game:
1. You must put your answers in the comment spot 2. You may not peek at other comments for the answers 3. You may try to find answers on the internet or ask others (if you really want to take the time!)

That's it! Now....let's get started! Good luck!



A. Can you remember the dog's name? It's okay if you don't....just name the show!

B. This was one of my favorites!
Name the show and the name of the character that Michael J. Fox plays.

C. What's the name of this show about a really cute babysitter (at least I used to think so!)?

D. By the Powers of _____________ Name this character.

E. This was a very strange show.....remember? The dad made a robot girl named Vicki (front right) and the family passed her off as the daughter/sister, but they were always trying to keep it a secret from everybody. What's the name of the show?


F. This show used to make me laugh like crazy (whatchou talkin' 'bout Willis?!). What's it called?

G. I actually only watched this show a couple of times - I thought it was stupid, but it was all the rage at the time. Who is this strange looking creature?

H. This was a favorite. I especially loved Jo and Tootie. What's the name of the show?

I. My best friend in grade school, Holly Scott, introduced me to this show and we both went CRAZY for Kirk Cameron. I had posters of him all over my room (along with the New Kids on the Block). So, what's the name of the show?

J. I swear this guy doesn't age....he looks about the same today!

Name the car and the show.

ROUND 3 (It's almost over!)

K. Remember all the loves in Kevin Arnold's life?
What was the name of his one true love and what is the name of this show?

L. You can't talk about 80's television without this family! I love that they were black upper middle class and they had 5 kids!!! I also love the colorful sweaters and outfits they always wore. What's the name of the show?

M. This one may not be as familiar. What's it called? (Hint: The name of the butler)

N. I still think Ricky Schroeder is a cutie (Oh sorry, he goes by Rick now!). Remember the little train they rode in....I always wanted one! What's the name of this show?

O. These guys were cousins from different countries (remember the saying - with an accent of course, "of course I do, don't be ridiculous!). What was this show called?

P. This was another favorite. I always hoped Tony and Angela would get together.....did they ever? That Mona was disgusting though! What was the name of this show?


Bonus points if you can tell me the character names of these two people

(One of them is all grown up)



How'd you do? Did you remember most of them? I'll post the answers on Friday and let you know who won!! After I get your address you can be watching for a like totally radical prize coming your way!!

I forgot -- good things:

good clean tv


80's hairstyles in the PAST!! (Next time I'll post a picture of ME in the 80's!!)


Brandon Johnson said...

Good times. The 80's was such a weird decade, but lots of great memories... I got 15 out of 18. Do you want us to post our answers in a comment?

Ang said...

You gotta post it bro or you won't win the prize!!!

Tamara said...

What a fun trip down memory lane!! I hadn't thought of most of these shows in YEARS!!!! Yes, I wasn't allowed to watch much TV either - but I did see these. Love that 80's hair and fashion!

Amazingly - I remembered all but "E." - I had a little memory block (I had to look that one up on the internet).

A. Punky Brewster
B. Family Ties
C. Charles in Charge
D. He-Man (my little brothers LOVED this show!)
E. Small Wonder
F. Different Strokes
G. Alf
H. Facts of Life
I. Growing Pains
J. Knight Rider
K. Wonder Years
L. Cosby Show
M. Mr. Belvedere
N. Silver Spoons (Isn't it cool that Ricki is LDS?!?!
O. Perfect Strangers – loved Balki!
P. Who’s the Boss
Q. Punky Brewster?
R. Urkel – Steve (Family Matters)

julie said...

Angela, This looks so fun. The only one I knew was The Cosby Show...guess this just wasn't my era or I wasn't watching the same shows you were. I think I may have been too busy raising kids to watch tv. By the way, I love the Celine Dion music, which is probably from that baby lullaby CD of hers. LOVE IT! Mom

Cox Family said...

Wow, I can't believe I remember so many of them...crazy:

A. Punky Brewster (NO clue the dog's name, but the best friends name was Cherry or something)

B. Family Ties, his character was Alex I think.

C. Charles in Charge
D. He Man, "By the power of Drescal?"
E. LOVED this show...Small Wonder
F. Different Strokes
G. Alf
H. ???
I. Growing Pains
J. No clue
K. Wonder years...was his girlfriends' name Winny or something?
L. The Cosby Show
M. Mr Belvedere
N. Silver Spoons
O. Perfect Strangers
P. Who's the Boss?
Q. I think it's Punky Brewster
R. Steve Urkel, my favorite character ever.

Brandon Johnson said...

A. Punky Brewster

B. Family Ties

C. Charles in Charge

D. He-Man

E. ???

F. Different Strokes

G. Alf

H. Facts of Life

I. Growing Pains

J. Knight Rider

K. Wonder Years

L. Cosby Show

M. Mr. Belvedere

N. Silver Spoons (Ricky Shroder is a converted Mormon by the way)

O. Perfect Strangers

P. Who's The Boss

Q. ???

R. Steve Urkel (Can't think of the name of that show though)

Carissa Johnson said...

This was fun, Ang. I didn't get them all but I will post the ones I got.
A) Punky Brewster
B) Family Ties
C) Charles in Charge
E) Small Wonder
F) Different Strokes
G) Alf
H) ???
I) Growing Pains (still one of my favorites)
J) ???
K) The Wonder Years
L) Cosby Show
M) Mr. Belvadeer (I don't remember how to spell it)
N) Silver Spoons (Did you know Rick Schoeder is LDS? He's a convert)
O) Perfect Strangers
P) Who's the Boss
Q) Punky Brewster
R) Steve Urkel

That was fun!

The Ridings said...

B:Family Ties/Alex P. Keaton
C:Charles in Charge
E:She's a small Wonder
F:Different Strokes
H:Facts of Life
I:Growing Pains
J:Kit/Knight Rider
K:Winnie/The Wonder Years
L:The Cosby Show
M:Mr. Belvedere
N:Silver Spoons
O:Perfect Strangers
P:Who's the Boss?
Q:Punky Brewster
R: Steve Erkel

How sad I didn't even have to look anything up! You knew my family. This is all we did growing up, watch T.V. It would kill my kiddo's to know this because we hardly ever watch T.V. and we don't even have cable!

Genelle said...

Ok, sorry it's taken so long to comment. Here are the answers:
A. Brandon the dog, Punkey Brewster. (*Maybe the world is blind, or just a little unkind!*)
B. Family Ties, Alex Keaton (YAY Michael)
C. Charles in charge
D. He-man
E. Small Wonder
F. Diff'rent Strokes
G. Alf
H. Facts of life
I. Growing Pains
J. Knight 2000 car, Knight Rider
K. Winnie, The Wonder Years.
L. The Cosby Show.
M. Mr. Belvedere
N. Silver Spoons
O. Perfect Strangers
P. Who's the boss
Q. Soleil Moon Frye- Punkey Brewster
R. Jaleel White- Steve Urkel

Jenny-ology said...

That brings me back! You forgot Dukes of Hazard, and Great American Hero- I still that song from great american hero.
What a fun idea to do a contest- so cute!

The Whittacres said...

I loved all of those shows. But A was my all time favorite here it goes are you ready..

A. Punky Brewster - dog is Brandon
B. Family Ties - Alex is Michael's character
C. Charles in Charge - yes, he was yummy to look at!
D. He-man - Okay I liked She-Ra but He-man was my brother's favorite
E. Small Wonder
F. Different Strokes
G. Alf
H. Facts of Life
I. Growing Pains
J. Knight Rider - Car was Kit
K. Wonder Years and Winnie (actually I didnt' like this show all too well)
L. Cosby Show
M. Mr. Belvedere!
N. Silver Spoons - LOVED Ricky!
O. Perfect Strangers
P. Who's the Boss (and yes Tony and Angela ended up together in the end!_
Q. My favorite show - Soiel Moonfry (aka Punky)
R. Urkle...who can forget Urkle...