Friday, March 26, 2010

Terrible Two's

haircut by Elli.......don't you love the short bang look?!!!!

Things I will miss about Elli at this age:

*the way she likes to come to me every few minutes crying about what someone did to her

*the way she wants to watch movies ALL DAY but since I don't let her she whines about it ALL DAY

*the way she comes to me every time she has to use the bathroom to tell me before she will go

*the way she says "check it out!"

*the way she talks on her cell phone to DJ (Tanner's friend)

*the way she can always find gum no matter where we hide it!

*the way she gets out all the plates and cups to set the table and puts them in all the right places

*the way she wiggles her bum with her hands on her hips and gives us attitude

*the way she climbs up on the counter to get into things in the cupboards

*the way her big brown eyes and sweet smile melt me!

good things:
hair grows out
my mostly sweet 2-year old


Amanda said...

She is so cute!! I like her hair cut, I didn't even notice the bangs until you pointed it out.

Heidi said...

She looks adorable! I didn't notice the bangs either. I love her hands on her hips!

Marley Family said...

She is so cute!!! Short bangs are in dont ya know;)

Aaron said...

wow that is a cutie

Erin said...

That is so cute! It's funny the things we miss about our kids in their "ages" sometimes. Elli sure is cute little gal! The hair cut is cute...I still haven't experienced one of those yet...keeping my fingers crossed.

Erin said...

Cute little girl! I love that age it's my favorite and I'm not kidding. :)

The Ridings said...

Both of my girls have done this. It turned out darling though.