Wednesday, November 16, 2011

way behind

I took all of October off from teaching, but I started all my piano and violin lessons again the 1st of November.

I have 25 students this year which is less than last year, but with a newborn I am having a really hard time getting organized again.

Things are getting better - but I'm not good at getting everything done yet.

Blogging obviously isn't at the top of my list!

Halloween was over 2 weeks ago, but here's the pictures anyway......

It was a great few days with lots of treats and family fun!

Corina, Dave, Anna, and Elli - trick or treating in Old Town

Dave's brother Jim and little Jacob!

Akayla, Tanner, and Mariah We ate "halloweenies", "terror tots", "spookghetti", and "witches brew" after the ward Trunk or Treat, and we had our traditional pizza and root beer the night of Halloween (while we watched "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"!!) our little Landon - what a little redhead!!

Tanner - hippie, and friend Boden at the ward Trunk or Treat

Anna - army girl (looks more like a dance uniform)

Mariah - maid

Adriana - pirate

Elli - witch

Lea - pumpkin (never without her binkie lately)

good things:

marking things off my to-do list

Christmas shopping


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Marley Family said...

Cute, Cute ,Cute! Glad you had a fun Halloween!