Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I got a call yesterday from a couple of Adriana's teachers saying she was going to win some awards at school so we should probably try to come watch.

This morning Dave and I sat through a 2 hour long awards assembly at the middle school.

Lots of great awards handed out..... lots of great kids.

Adriana was awarded the outstanding English student in 6th grade.
She was also given a special award for her acceleration class that has been recycling all year.

The best part though was at the end.  They saved the best for last.........

In 6th grade certain students with a high enough gpa are considered eligible to try for a 'Hope of America' Award.

Adriana really wanted it.

The students had to fill out an application (that was very similar to a scholarship application) showing their service hours, activities they are involved in, and other special awards.

They had to get a signature from all of their teachers that also told what their grade in the class is.

They also had to get 2 letters of recommendation.

A representative from the Kiwanis Club came to present the 'Hope of America' Award and told what a great honor it was to be chosen.

It was pretty exciting to hear Adri's name (even though it was mispronounced.....poor kid will always have her name said wrong - unless she's in Italy!!) and see her run down to get her award.

She gets to go to a special award ceremony next week with the Kiwanis Club with the other recipients.

They asked the parents to come up with the kids.

I was holding sleeping Landon so Dave went up with her.
Lea decided she needed to go too so she went running after him and straight into Adri's legs to give her a big hug.

It was really cute and her friends thought she was adorable!

Great end to a school year!

such a sweet, good girl!  love her so much!

Lea's bewildered look is pretty much my favorite

good things:
school is almost out
this week is almost over

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Megan Jo Eddie said...

Tell her how proud I am of her! So excited to have such a great Beehive in our Young Women, as well as a great example to my Taylor and Peri. Love you Adri.