Tuesday, May 29, 2012

talent show

We've been running running running to finish everything up this year.

We've had about 12 different concerts and assemblies - band, choir, festival, piano recital, youth symphony, large choir festival, awards assembly, high school choir concert, youth symphony auditions, AIM music festival, etc. etc. - and I think we are finally done!

Tanner is going to high school next year, and many of his friends will be going to a different high school.

He wanted this year to end in a memorable way.

The 2nd to last day of school he brought several outfits and changed his clothes after every class.

Just to see if anyone would notice.

What a funny kid!

On the last day of school was the Franklin Talent Show.

Tanner and Adri decided to do something a little crazy......

The video is small, hard-to-see, and I only got the first little part of the dance.....but it still makes me laugh!

I think they're awesome just because they had the guts to try out and follow through with it!

It was very funny and they got a big cheer and standing ovation at the end!

Lea finally free to run and play outside.....phew!!

Elli, Lea and Landon were very good sports.....especially considering it was a  3 HOUR TALENT SHOW!!

good things:
only 1 1/2 more weeks of school at the Academy
summer for my older kids
another kid in drivers training
a long bike ride with my sweetheart

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