Friday, November 22, 2013

So how's Akayla doing?

Since I am asked this question often I will tell you how Akayla is doing.....

She LOVES BYU-Idaho!  It is the perfect place for her to be.
She is learning so much - especially about herself.
it's also hard.
Hard to be away from family.
Hard to learn to live with roommates.
Hard to feel alone at times.

I went to visit her last Saturday.

We spent the whole day together - we went shopping, out to lunch, and then we saw a great movie (The Saratov Approach - and yes we cried the whole way through).  We talked a ton and just enjoyed the time together.  We made a yummy meal together and shared with her roommates.  I enjoyed getting to know them - they are great girls!

I sometimes think it's harder to see her and have to say goodbye again (lots of tears shed every time), but I loved seeing my girl!  

She has great classes this trimester - her favorite is her Book of Mormon class.

As a music major (she is a piano pedagogy major) she has 10 classes but only 12 credits.
She has to practice both instruments every day and has lots of homework, but she is also in different ensembles (orchestra and a collaborative piano class) so she has to practice with stand partners and with duet partners.  I am so impressed with how well she has been doing - straight A's!  That's tough in college!

I love that she is taking time to focus on her talents and really enjoy them.  
She has several piano classes, violin lessons, orchestra, and she is taking clogging and a world dance class.
No foundations classes this semester, but she isn't required to for the associates degree she's working on so she may just work on those when she starts a bachelor program.

Because she was able to get a couple of music scholarships and a grant she doesn't have to work in college - a huge blessing!

I'm most impressed with the spiritual growth she is experiencing though.

She has been singled out in her Book of Mormon class a few times because the teacher asked to share some thoughts that she had written, and she is really learning to trust in the Lord to help her through difficult times.

She goes to the temple almost weekly, which really helps her to feel strong and closer to Heavenly Father.
She also loves going to the devotional every week.

She has a new calling in her ward - Relief Society teacher.
I think it will be an awesome experience for her!

She has expressed to me on many occasions that she feels so strongly that she is supposed to serve a mission, and she is really striving to prepare herself.
She will turn her mission papers in this January, and hopes to leave in April.

She has made several great friends (and really loves her roommates), and she has a great FHE group.
She has had some guys chasing after her (I won't go into any details), but since she really just wants to date for fun and not get into any serious relationship - she has had to cut things off with a couple in order to be fair to them.  

She misses her best friend Cade (on a mission), and anxiously waits for his letters.
This is such a wonderful time of growth for both of them, and they are so good at supporting each other!

I miss having Akayla here (all of us do - the kids talk about missing her a lot) - it just doesn't feel the same without her!
But it really helps knowing what a great experience she's having.
I'm so proud of the example she is for all of her younger siblings!

Can't wait until Tuesday sweet girl!
5 days with you home will be just what we all need!

she went to conference with her roomies and loved it so much!

When she saw this movie with her roomies the
actual missionaries were there and they were able to meet them!

so cold in Rexburg!

fhe group

good things:
an hour to myself today
hot baths
great reading material

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