Tuesday, December 17, 2013

good memories

 I think this was 5 years ago - it kind of feels like longer, and yet it also feels like it was just yesterday.

Akayla, Corina & I went with some of our great friends to the David Archuleta concert.

It was so fun, and a great memory to share with my girls!

The weird part is looking at them in these pictures - they just look like babies.

All those kids in the pictures are graduating this year, and Akayla is off on her own in college already.

They were only in 7th and 8th grade then.
Where does the time go???

my sweet friend Julia - we were like teenagers that night.

awwww...... they're so darn cute!

good things:
that video of David Archuleta on his mission singing...... LOVE!

FINALLY food in my fridge

our fireplace (pretty sure I've used that one already, but I really love it!)

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