Sunday, December 22, 2013

we made it!

As usual December has been full of many many musical performing opportunities for all of my children, and I have gone to every one of them except the ones Akayla was in.  (she's so darn far away!)

I wish I could have gotten pictures of the Elementary School Christmas program that Mariah and Elora were in, but sadly I was rushing out the door and didn't grab my camera!

Corina had 3 straight weeks of performances - Forgotten Carols (dress rehearsals every night and 2 nights of performances), symphony (same schedule as Forgotten Carols), and then Concert Choir (2 early morning rehearsals and then finally 2 performances).  She is really ready for a good long break!

Such an impressive symphony that she's in
and great experiences she's having!
Dave and I were able to attend one of the performances
and we both LOVED it!
 I'm so glad they give free tickets to performers!

Adriana is a member of the Dolce choir
(an auditioned girl's select choir) and they were SOOOO good!  

Adri & her best friend Alayna on the left (and some other girl I don't know!)

Anna's very first band performance --
she is really enjoying learning to play the flute!

I don't very often venture out with all 3 of my littles.
If you spent 10 minutes with Landon & Lea
you would understand why.
They sat still at Anna's band performance for about 2 minutes
 (just enough time to get a picture).

they might be menaces, but they're MY menaces!!
good things:
just a couple more days
Christmas treats

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