Thursday, December 12, 2013

Randy's Extreme

My kids love gymnastics and they are awesome at it.

It's so fun to see the crazy tricks that they can do.

We are lucky enough to live just around the corner from a super fun place all set up for my flipping, hand springing, cartwheeling kids (and their dad who loves it just as much!).  They also have a climbing wall and a really fun foam pit to jump into.  

It usually costs $8 a person to go to Adventure Time, but Monday night Randy's Extreme had a customer appreciation family night.  It only cost us $10 for our whole family, and they even had hot chocolate, treats, and Mrs. Santa Clause there for the party!

I got all kinds of video of Adri, Anna & Tanner doing some impressive tricks.  I even gt some secret ones of Dave!


good things:
a night set aside each week for family time
my baby's little grunts
finally getting paid by one of my students

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