Thursday, September 25, 2014


2 things you should know about me.....

I actually love to plan parties,
and I really love teenagers.

Akayla liked parties but didn't have a very fun group of friends unless she could combine with Corina's friends, but Corina didn't really love having it's been awhile since we've had a really good party!

Adriana is like my twin!!

She reminds me so much of me at her age (except that she actually studies and gets good grades..... I'm so relieved that she doesn't want to follow my bad example in that area!).

She & Tanner invited a bunch of people - common friends, friends from different schools, new friends, old friends, etc.  And everyone got along really well!

At the beginning.......  they weren't quite sure how to get started yet :)

(They were told to wear dark colors in case you wondered)

It didn't take them too long to get into it though!
(Using flour bombs made with nylons... so fun!)
Kind of like Steal the Flag, only much much better!

Pretty sure Adri got the messiest
but Malori was the most colorful
thanks to Lindsey who brought some fancy colors from the Color Run!!

they look like little old men with grey hair.... haha!

And I TOTALLY loved that a GIRL won the game!!

After the flour war we came back to our house and had a bonfire with lots of food (did you know roasted Starburst are DELICIOUS?!!!), and watched an outdoor movie.  At one point a bunch of them went to play night games and had a little run in with the cops (they were nice cops so it was fine).  Luckily they're good kids - no big deal at all!

It was a great party with a lot (I counted at least 50) of great kids!!

good things:
perfect fall evenings
getting to bed on time
kids that sleep in


Kassie said...

What are the rules/instructions for the flour war game? That looks like so much fun!

Ang said...

Kassie - we did it like Steal the Flag. Each team hid their flag and had their territories mapped out. If someone got hit they had to go back to the hospital and get cleaned off before they could go back. It made it really fun. We got knee high nylons at Wal Mart and cut each one into 3 pieces and then you knot the one side and put flour in it and then knot the other. It works really well. They last a long time. At the end my son pulled out big bowls of flour and dumped them on people. It was super funny!

Kassie said...

Thank you!
Sounds like a great mutual combined activity.