Wednesday, October 1, 2014

kissing Summer goodbye

It's cold in our neck of the woods............ waaaaaaaah!
Looking at these pictures makes me long to sit outside in the sun, but instead I'm sitting inside by my fireplace.  Which is nice and cozy too.  I like fall weather.  It has a nice smell.  This is actually my favorite time of year - even though it only lasts about 12 days it seems like.

Am I crazy or is Adriana all of a sudden beautiful?  It just happened - like yesterday.....

She got a guitar for her birthday last year, and she loves it.  It's her baby, and she has a natural gift.

She sings like an angel, and I'm not biased just because I'm her mom.

Elora and Landon (they fought over who got to hold the GIANT zucchini in the picture -- and then Landon totally dropped it on his foot right after the picture --- I may or may not have laughed)

Mariah is completely funny with these 2 besties of hers - Alli and Ashley.  
They wanted to do the ice bucket challenge for me (because I'm a wimp, and I won't deny it!)
I bought them hot chocolate afterwards..... because I'm really nice like that!  haha!

Landon is just full of it all the time.  I was teaching piano lessons and the doorbell rang.  This is what was at the door.  So of course I took a picture of him!  I guess it's a good thing he makes an ugly girl!

This is what happens when you have big sisters to play with!  

Mason is such a big boy now!  He's taking more and more steps all the time, and before we know it he'll be walking around the house like he owns the place!  He loves being outside, and it will be so sad when it's too cold to let him wander around out there!

Me! I had to throw this picture in there because I'm rarely in pictures.  Can you tell I've lost 40 pounds?  My clothes are all so loose now that they look rather silly on me, and I can wear things I've been saving in my closet for 10 years.  The biggest problem - everything I own is out of fashion.  (Time to go shopping!)  Best thing about it - I can wear my wedding ring again!  So worth the hard work!

Leandra!  She always has a fun song or story to act out for us!  She is loving our preschool co-op, and is learning so much.  I wish I had done this with all of my other kids!  The only hard part is trying to get her to come home at the end every week without tears!

I stole this picture from Tanner's facebook page because I thought it was such a cool picture!  He's been working really hard lately on getting a parkour club at the high school.  They originally said it wasn't allowed because of liability issues, but there is a ski club that has the same dangers as parkour so he is fighting it.  I'm pretty impressed with his tenacity.... and his talent actually.  He's pretty amazing.  I wish he had the opportunity to compete, but they don't really have that here - so he just does it on his own.  

He asked a cute girl to Homecoming - she'd already been asked, but that's ok....
I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her.  :)

And he's practically a professional wonton chef.  Delish!

Annalisa has had some not-so-fun "growing pains" lately.....
being 12 stinks sometimes.
Daddies are the best though!

And now..... WELCOME TO OCTOBER!!!

good things:
big fuzzy blankets
3-day weekends
fun plans


Kassie said...

Adri is beautiful! But all your kids are beautiful.
You look fabulous, congratulations on your weight loss!! What are you doing that is working for you?

Erika said...

You look wonderful Angela! Way to go on the Weight loss!