Saturday, October 11, 2014


Time is a funny thing isn't it?

Sometimes I find myself wishing for more of it - you know when I'm rushing around feeling like I can't get everything that needs to get done in my day.  

But other times I wish that it would pass quicker - you know when I'm thinking about how long 18 months sounds.  I just want next October to come faster so I can hug my missionary daughter again!  But then suddenly I'm realizing that 6 months have already gone by and I'm wondering where the time went!  And I can't believe Corina has already been at BYU for a month and a half!  And she gets to come home for Thanksgiving next month!  

Sometimes I think I want my toddlers to hurry and get out of this stage and just be a little bit older..... a little bit more independent.  But then I pick up my squishy baby and just wish he could stay little for longer.  

Most of the time I'm just happy now.  
I mean my kids make me smile and laugh ALL. THE. TIME!  

But isn't it weird how time can play tricks on your brain?!

The other day Tanner and Adri had some friends over -- they played the wii for a little bit and then went to Randy's (a tumbling/fun/adventure place), and then came back here to make Brownies and play games and just mess around.
They were sitting around our table and talking (flirting), and I came in and had a weird moment there for a second.

Tanner & his friend Katie
trying to take pictures nonchalantly of each other with their phones

And I know it looks like these boys are just on their phones or something - but they were texting funny messages back and forth about Adri -- remember how we used to pass notes?  Flirting is so much more high tech now!

Adri & her friends Korbin & Danny

Just a couple of years ago it was Akayla and Corina sitting around that table with their friends.  And now they've both moved on and it's Tanner and Adriana's turn.  And in a few years Anna and Mars will take their turn as the teenagers and oldest kids in the house.  Weird how the cycle just continues on.  I guess the weirdest thing for me is that IT DOESN'T FEEL THAT LONG AGO SINCE I WAS THERE!!  

I remember when Akayla left on her mission and I was so very sad.......someone (I can't remember who because my mind was in such an emotional fog!) told me that the days seem long, but the months are short.  It's so true!  I can't believe how true!

And in all honesty, the blessings of having that sweet girl on a mission are far outweighing the sacrifice of having her gone.  I seek for ways to be closer to my Savior so that I can have something to share with her and strengthen her - and that blesses me in so many ways, and brings a beautiful spirit into our home!  I will never be sad to send another one of my children on a mission.  I will miss them, but I will remember the blessings that it pours out upon the missionary and the family of the missionary!

I think I'll always wish for more time in my day though - because 24 hours will NEVER be enough time to get everything done!

And just a few more pictures of lately......

Dave on a bike ride with Elora

playing Conference Bingo on Sunday

I love this picture!

General Conference is one of those weekends where we slow down and enjoy each other!
Everyone is together and we just hang out and listen to our church leaders together!

Mason loves technology....
someone was surprised to find extra pictures on their phone :)

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Heidi said...

I love your new picture on the sidebar.

Kassie said...

One of my new funnest parent moments was walking into the dining room and finding my two married sons and their wives sitting around the table conversing. I didn't join in, just watched and listened and secretly was thrilled to know that they like each other and like to spend time together...
Time marches on but there are lots of good things that come...