Thursday, October 16, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Tanner took his best friend to Homecoming.
First school dance ever.
He was a little nervous - but it was a blast!
They had the perfect group - all best friends from our ward.

They went mini-golfing and at each hole had to do a different partner challenge - hands tied together, hit behind the back, etc.  Fun idea!

They went to eat at MaKenzie River and ate gourmet pizza (jalapenos on the bbq chicken pizza weren't the biggest favorite of the night), and after the dance came to our house for chocolate fondue.  
Successful night -- he may even go to Prom this year without any prodding from me!

didn't get a picture of how Tanner asked, but this is how she answered

this is after Landon & Lea ate most of the Starbursts....

Tanner & Mal
(they call each other Shawn & Gus......
if you don't get that you are not true friends of the Ferrara's!)

Tanner, Malori, Amanda & Tate

good things:
happy girls
modest dresses
good boys

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