Sunday, November 30, 2014


getting asked......

Well, unfortunately I wasn't there so I have no pictures (since Tanner won't send them to me haha!), but Tanner and Adri went to Katie's work and stuffed her car with balloons.  Tanner had popcorn, Starbursts, and Dr. Pepper (pop) and then a poster that said something about bursting and popping or something....  Maybe if I get a picture I can add that later.  

the night of the dance......
theme DISNEY (semi-formal)
Tanner & Katie -- Snow White & Prince Charming
(and their friends) -- Jasmine & Aladdin, Cruella DeVil & Pongo, 
and Minnie & Mickey Mouse

It was a magical night!!

good things:
kids coming home before curfew
mini vacations
cute texts

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Kassie said...

Your kids seem to enjoy dances, and it looks like they have fun ones. In our neck of the woods, there aren't many dances and my kids never want to go to the few there are. It's sort of sad to me how dating and dances have become almost obsolete in our 'iWorld'.
Thank you so much for your kind words and taking time to read and comment. Someday I'd like to meet the incredible Angie!