Thursday, November 27, 2014

random -- it's just my life!

These are in no particular order in time or place - 
just a bunch of photographs that tell more of our story.

I love that pictures say so much, 
and that they can conjure up so many emotions-- 

Just a piece of our RANDOM lives......

I had the chance to go to Utah for a Clogging competition with Mars & Elli, so we got to spend the weekend with this beautiful girl of mine!

College has been good to Corina - and taught her a lot.
My little girl is growing up.......
so excited to have her home for 5 days during Thanksgiving break!!!!

And Mars & Elli did GREAT at the competition.......

It was so fun to see grandma & bumpa too!
Mars & Elli played in the hot tub & played Life with bumpa!
I stayed up way too late talking to my mama, and we all went out to lunch at Kneaders.
Good Times.....

My beautiful little girlies.......

Mars & Elli are sharing an ipod now so selfies & instagram are their "thing" now.......

This is a screenshot from Adri's instagram - should have just had her send me the picture!
Adri LOVES choir.
She was in Cabaret recently and had the TIME of her LIFE!
Best friends and amazing memories........

Our missionary is preparing for Christmas at the Trail Center......
(She is so dang cute!) 

Not such a baby any more.....

No more braces......
This picture --- so inappropriate, but so so funny.
I love Lea's face (a little annoyed at her dorky little brother who couldn't wait just a few seconds to go potty!)
I'm just so proud........

I turned 39 - and my family spoiled me with love and attention!
Next year it's #40 --- yikes!!
It's a wonderful life........truly!

Anna surprised me with Divergent (purchased with her own babysitting money because she knows I love it!)!  What a sweetheart!!!

I love them forever - I even like them for always........
(They're awfully cute when they sleep)


good things:
free turkey
silly songs
true love

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