Thursday, November 20, 2014

October 31st

Halloween is always a good time....

We have some pretty set-in-stone family traditions.

We always decorate our front porch (even if it's the day-of).

Dave always takes the younger kids out trick-or-treating and I stay home to pass out candy.

The older kids are usually with their friends.

At some point we all come back together to watch our favorite Halloween movie ----

The Ghost & Mr. Chicken

(Best. Movie. Ever.)

Oh, and we always have pizza ---from Papa Murphy's -- the chicken garlic kind.


And we will NEVER get sick of it!

This year Tanner & Adri went to a super sweet Halloween dance with their friends.

Tanner & his favorite girl went as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb..... So cute!

Adri brought her favorite boys back over after the dance and I got to sit and chat with them for a few minutes -- I can totally see why they're her favorites.  She has good taste!  Man I wish I had a picture of them in their costumes!!

(from the top) Dave & Adri -roaring 20's, Landon & Elli - firefighter & maid,
Lea - princess with Uncle Jim & cousins - the Avengers & Landon (again)
(from the bottom) Lea (again - night of the church party) Goldilocks, & Mariah - granny,
Landon & Anna - Tweedle Dum & gypsy, Mariah with all her best friends

Halloween Dance
Adriana & Amanda - 50's & 80's girls
Tanner & Katie - Napoleon Dynamite & Deb
 (I like your sleeves, they're real big!)

Can't wait till next year!!

good things:
not eating candy
warm fall nights

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