Friday, November 14, 2014


October flew by......... 
and with it went all the lovely Fall colors, smells, and everything else that goes with Fall.

Now that it's the middle of November my instagram feed is swarmed with pictures of snow.....
and I'm trying to muster up happy thoughts!

I regret that instagram is so easy and that I'm such a lousy blogger lately.

This blog is our family journal, and it's such a hugely important place for all of our memories!  

My first blog post was written the night before Halloween in 2007 -- 7 years ago.  My kids were so little!  I'm so so happy I have those silly pictures now!  Man that seems like such a long time ago!

So grateful for such a great place to store memories.  
I'm just not a great scrapbooker.
I tried to love it - I really did.

I am really ok with not being the best at everything, and  
I love to admire the skills that others possess!!

I can totally admit to not loving sewing, crafting or scrapbooking - 
just not my thing.

So I have to say - I really think blogging must have been invented for people like me.  People who need a place to keep a history of their family.  People who love pictures of their kids.  People who are completely nostalgic, and who love to think about things and want to write their thoughts down --- but who are completely NOT crafty and don't want to have to cut and paste to make a page cutesy.  Hallelujah!!!  

So with that - basically here's October from our Instagram since I didn't get around to blogging much!

Super fun weekend - friends, parties, dances, streaking in the kitchen (?? don't ask).....

Family Hike up Mink Creek.......

Sunshine, Smoothies & Silly smiles!

best daddy in the world!
playing Murder in the Dark for family night

Clean up crew

Daddy & his buddy

Elli lost a tooth

daddy going for a bike ride with Elora

playing with his car

Conference Bingo

Lea's crabby face

good things:
42 days until Christmas
gas fireplaces
warm blankets

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Cami said...

i feel the same about instagram and blogging! Scrapbooking was my first love and i couldn't imagine ever not doing it! Then came blogging, my true love! Then came instagram, my I'm to busy to muster a blog post-love.

I am trying really hard to be a better blogger because I feel strongly about it and i love it!