Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas and New Years

Christmas morning was absolutely perfect.....

The kids slept in till 8:30..... 
(okay, maybe they woke up earlier, but they didn't wake us up until then!)

We opened up presents and ate our traditional breakfast from La Befana (in our stockings),
and then my favorite Christmas gift....

We got to skype with Sister Ferrara!!

It was so fun to see her pretty face and hear her voice!

She hasn't changed a bit!
(I'm sure she has changed a lot - but she's still fun and crazy, and sweeter than anything!)

I was so worried that it would be sad and hard to talk to her, and that it would make me/us miss her more, but it was just sooooo good to talk to her!

We talked for 45 minutes, and when it was time to go we said a family prayer together - it was AWESOME!

That's when the tears started.

But then she told us how much she loved being there and expressed her love for what she was doing.  She loves being a missionary and wearing the Savior's name next to her heart every day.  She loves the people she gets to meet and work with, and she loves being at the Trail Center especially.

As a mother, that was a very important thing for me to know.
As long as I know she's happy and taken care of I won't worry about her, and I can feel happy too.

And another big surprise on Christmas morning - lots of beautiful SNOW!!

They were too busy during the day playing with their new toys, but in the evening they decided it would be fun to make snow angels and have a snowball fight in the dark!

NEW YEARS 2015!!
We are so constant -- we do the same traditions year after year.

We have fondue'd (is that a word?) for 21 New Years Eves now, and we'll probably do it for forever!  The only thing that changes is the other people who do it with us!  

This year Dave's brother Matt joined us.Tanner went to a party with friends and Adri went to the youth stake dance.  Since Corina's new boyfriend Daniel was coming to stay for a couple days we got to enjoy it another day anyway!  

Playing Games -- 
Ticket to Ride and a crazy ipod game called SpaceTeam (like Pit - seriously funny!)

So fun to have family gathered around.
So fun to have no stress, and to make wonderful memories!

Hooray for the holidays!

good things:
new games
new friends
funny faces


Erika said...

She is beautiful!

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing the fondue tradition with us. Our family has been doing it every since... only we go to bed at 10pm :)