Monday, July 27, 2015

flaming gorge family time!

The Johnson reunion this year was in Flaming Gorge!

Camping is always an adventure, but add in 14 kids (Corina doesn't count as a kid any more!), boating on the lake, and a long excursion to a dinosaur museum and you have quite the party!  

We tend to have a lot of stares when we're out and about - not because we look weird or anything, but the Johnsons are LOUD and I LOVE it!!  

My favorite time of the reunion was after dinner each day.
Maybe that's because we weren't running all over, or maybe it's because it wasn't so hot!
But each night we all gathered around the campfire and talked and laughed.

Dave and I brought a special treat for one of the nights- woof'ems.  
If you haven't tried them you should!

We made special woof'em sticks, and brought all kinds of fillings (you cook biscuits on these dowels and they're kind of like eclairs) -- banana, chocolate and coconut puddings, fluffernutter (marshmallow cream and peanut butter), and creamella (nutella mixed with cream cheese), and of course whipped cream for the top.  It was delicious!

On our last night Corina and Daniel had brought a projector, and we set up a screen on our RV.
We all sat out under the stars with our camping chairs and watched Inside Out.  
Such a cute movie!

After we left the campsite the Ferrara's and Corina & Daniel went to a nearby park to make lunch before our 4 1/2 hour drive home, and we celebrated Corina's birthday!  It was a perfect ending to our reunion!

We have a great family, and I love that we all make it a priority to come together once a year for a reunion.  Not everything goes smoothly, and we have plenty of little issues that come up.  But we're an eternal family, so we don't allow things to strain our relationships.  I think we're pretty blessed!

hacked by these dorks!  haha!

Evan (one of my crazy bros) and Erin had Indian tin foil dinners including naan bread 

with grams before we went swimming
Elli & Lea 

Mason & Daddy
Mason has no fear of the water - if we weren't
watching carefully he would jump in on his own!

so fun having Corina & Daniel!
That photo-bomber in the back is pretty dang cute!

Adri & Anna
Evan and Tanner

Elli & Mars

Evan & Tanner again
Mars & Anna

missing a few kids :)
overlooking the valley --
so beautiful!

waiting for the shuttle at the Dinosaur museum

watching Inside Out
our whole amazing group
(only missing my youngest sister Genelle, and Akayla)
instead of cake we had leftover woof'ems


good things:
returning home to a clean house!
hearing my kids practice piano downstairs
inside jokes

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Nathan and Shanna said...

That's only 30 minutes away from me. Wow, your family has grown what fun memories!