Monday, August 10, 2015

So what's up?

Summer is almost over, and we're busy as ever.....

Our life in pictures

Mason keeps us laughing.
He's the most expressive boy ever!

Tanner works here -- at least 50 hours a week, and he LOVES it!
He gets to work with manly tools 
and carry heavy things.
It's the perfect job, and he's making lots of money to put into the bank for his mission.

Mariah has played night games with her friends at least 50 times this summer!  
She also babysits a bunch and 
earned all the money for her school clothes.  
She's excited for middle school!

I hardly ever saw Anna since she was 
always with her buds,
so this was a rare opportunity to take
everyone out for ice cream!

Grandma came with cousins for a couple days
to sew scripture bags with Elli!!
It was so fun to have them here!

 We made cookies one day, and when I turned my head 
Lea & Landon made them into snow people!  Goofballs!

I was going to raise some dough in the oven but
forgot that I had actually turned the oven on.  

Best buds!

These boys could watch the tractors 
in front of our house for hours!

Family Night Twister Game

Same night tumbling in the living room - 
doesn't everyone do this?

Dave broke his nose 15 years ago, had surgery to repair it, and then broke it again a week later.  Because it healed wrong he still struggles to breathe.  It has gotten worse and worse over the years.  First step to fix the problem was a CT scan.    

Yes, my 43 year old hubby can still do 1-arm pushups.  Be impressed!

Date night to Texas Roadhouse

Adri's next adventure..... 
going to work for 2 weeks at Ponderosa Resort 
in Zions National Park.

Came upstairs this morning to these little darlings!
They asked to see the picture and Lea said 
"I look like a hobo!"

good things:
92 days
funny faces
good emails

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