Thursday, September 3, 2015

First post of the School Year

Just today I actually felt like I may be able to start feeling like a human again.

I might actually survive this year!!

I can't even believe how crazy things get at the beginning of the year, and how overwhelming it has been for me!!

But I'm feeling like superwoman today (which doesn't mean I can do anything - it just means I've figured out which things I'm just not going to care about and which things I'm going to be happy enough about!).

So, I'm ready to blog a little because I never want to forget these days.  It's crazy how fast the time goes, and I feel a lot like Jacob in the Book of Mormon who says.... "the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream"

Just before school started I snuck away with a few kids to visit my sweet married daughter!

It was so fun to have a few days.
We did a little shopping, we talked a lot, we went to the temple and out to lunch just the 2 of us.  We played games with Daniel and Annalisa, we made yummy food, we shared recipes, we played with the little kids, we visited with Daniel's family, and we relaxed a lot.  It was a great little get-away.


Mars sure had fun with these girls this Summer!
The day before school started they all got together
and took a bunch of pictures to hang in their lockers!

Anna & Megan at Girl's Camp
Our favorite Cade came to visit!
The kids sure love to climb all over him!

We took a camping trip to Downata Hot Springs - soooo fun!

Lea got injured at the pool on our camping was really bad!
Kinda ruined her fun, but she was a good sport!

new shoes and time out with mom!

I think the type of shoe you buy is a direct reflection of your personality....

*Lea chose sparkly and pink
*Landon chose shoes he can run and jump in
*Anna chose 2 different converse --one is unique (blue),
 and the other is funky and multi-colored
Elli chose polka dotted Toms that are sassy and so cute!
*Tanner has a few different colored vans....super stylish.
But he also has his parkour shoes ready for action!
 (pretty sure he has more shoes than all of our girls!) 
Mariah chose black & white AND white & black converse -- classic and simple
Adriana's favorite shoes are her high topped white converse....
they tell a story.
But she really wants some great hiking shoes! 

Registration Day!!
Mars was a little scared of the lockers
but Anna showed her how to use it

I took the kids out 2 at a time for school clothes shopping,
new shoes, and of course ice cream
I also asked some really great questions
to keep in their All About Me Books
Tanner worked 9-10 hour days nearly every weekday!

Landon loves to do handstands!

Elli didn't want to wake anyone up in her room
while she read her scriptures so she came out in the hall
 and then fell asleep in the closet!  What a cute little goof!

Adri got to work for a couple weeks at Ponderosa Resort in Zion's National Park with her best friend, Amanda.  It was the perfect opportunity for our free spirit since she loves all kinds of adventures.  She got to hike, rappel, go stargazing, do some canyoneering, and all kinds of other really cool things! She was picked up at Corina's house first so she got to have a couple days with her there!  She did all kinds of exciting things at Zions but we're glad to have her home!  

they got to go to the CVX Live show and see Peter Hollens
and a bunch of other cool performers!

Adri was a pool girl :)  She came home nice and tan

Adri and Amanda


Never got my kids to do this before, but they were pretty excited about their new clothes!!  (Adri was still at Ponderosa)

I will not tell you how many hours of sleep I got the night before school started, but I will admit that next year I'm thinking Rhodes Bake & Serve cinnamon rolls would be an awesome idea!

I'm really big into tradition, so since I made these the very first year my kids went to school and now they ask for them every year I really want to continue the tradition!!

Plus, I really like this recipe!!  It's seriously the best I've ever had anywhere!

Can you tell my husband was NOT happy about taking this picture?? (Below)

And I'm still laughing about Tanner's funny face and Mariah's arm in front of Elli's face.

This is not a perfect 1st day of school picture - this was a RUSH TO GET THE PICTURE OR WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE 1st day of school picture!!!
Brother Ferrara -- 2nd year teaching Highland Seminary
Tanner -- Senior
Adriana -- Sophomore
Annalisa -- 8th Grade
Mariah -- 6th Grade
Elora -- 3rd Grade
Leandra -- Kindergarten
Lea's actual 1st day of school wasn't until Friday!
I got the boys all ready and we walked her to school.
I thought she'd be scared and clingy, but she walked right in and hung her backpack up.
She didn't even hug me goodbye or anything.
I had to ask her to come take a picture!

Do you think I cried?

I'll let you wonder!
My big sweet girl!
Elli LOVES school this year!
She also LOVES this outfit!
Not sure what she's doing with her hands!

So many exciting things to look forward to this year.... only 68 days until Akayla comes home!!!

Good things:
my blendtec
being flexible
Back to school blessings

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