Monday, September 14, 2015

busy weekend

It feels like lately my blogs are basically... throw about 2,000 pictures on there and try to remember what happened, sort of,  in the past -who knows how long.

But since that's about how my life feels lately I guess that's ok, and at least I can look back and know that we did real things with our life and didn't just run around like chickens with our heads chopped off!  

This is not necessarily the order of events...........

*This weekend (well it was Thursday, but we're counting it still!) Dave and I spent one night helping at the Tiger Ear's booth at the fair.  

It was totally fun just being with him, and it was fun working with people.  

There are so many cool people in the world, and it's fun catching a glimpse of their lives even if it's just at the Fair.

**Mars and Elli also got to dance at the fair another night.

We love our dance friends, and we loved walking around looking at the sights at the crazy fair.

We did not go on any rides, but we did get the girls both a pink cow!

***Dave and I got to go to a free concert Saturday night under the stars (with the MOST beautiful weather ever....Thank you Pocatello!) at a new amphitheater that was built just around the corner from us.

I LOVED it so much!  

We heard Time For Three (haven't heard 'em?  Check em out here -- you won't regret it!!)

Something about being outdoors listening to fun/beautiful/inspiring music with my very best friend that is just so freeing to me.  

I was just able to forget about any worries or stress that plague my soul (I'm so dramatic!) and just enjoy myself.  

It was just fabulous!

**** We came home to Adri and Tanner, and a bunch of kids at our house.  Adri mentioned she was inviting a few friends which turned into about 20.  I LOVE having teenagers at our house - no sarcasm.  Especially when they're great kids, which all of our kids friends have been (with the exception of a select few!)  And we're so lucky that we have so many other babysitters in the house who got all the little kids ready for bed and calmed down so Dave and I could just go up and watch a movie in our room!

***** Saturday morning I got to go to an inspiring and much needed Women's Conference.  I'm just so grateful for people who are willing to share some of their trials and difficulties and how they use those trials to come closer to our Savior.  I really needed it.  One of the things I needed to hear was from one of my good friends, Carrie Parrish Curtis.  She lost 4 of her family members in a tragic accident recently.  She was questioning the grade that she might possibly get on this "test" or trial that she's having to go through and thought maybe she'd earn a C because of her attitude at times or because she questioned her faith.  I'm so grateful to hear that because certain trials I've gone through I've actually felt the same way.  I want so desperately to reach my potential and become who I need to be, but I know I fall so short.  Which is why the atonement is such a beautiful gift.  She mentioned a hymn we sing at church "Where Can I Turn For Peace?", and there is one line in that hymn that says our Savior "reaches our reaching".  Even though we fall short and only earn a C on our test, He steps in and reaches the rest of the way to help us on our journey.  Oh, how very grateful I am for my Savior!   I was in charge of the music at the conference, and I loved helping to put together some sweet musical numbers that would help bring a special spirit to the meeting.  Adriana helped sing in one of the groups.

Hope in the 2nd Coming by Del Parson
****** Mason boy turned 2.  We didn't actually get to have our family party until Sunday, but I did take the boys to the park and we got Happy Meals at McDonalds.

We made a cute little minion cake, and Mason recognized it right away.
He was super excited about all his gifts and was so ready to play with all his new cars and a fun road rug for his room.  Hopefully he and Landon will share the cars and we won't have to endure too much fighting!

Sweetest little boy!!

good things:
a new week
happy kids
no bee stings


Elder Daniel Schroeder said...
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Kassie said...

Life just doesn't slow down at all, does it? My blog has been gathering dust all summer. I found the Project Life App and I've been recording stuff that way.
That little guy is just about the cutest ever! I can't believe he's two already!