Friday, January 31, 2014

this and that

Tanner got his drivers license this week.

Hooray for me!

He even drove himself and a friend to the school basketball game yesterday.

You don't know how happy this makes me!

Lea is becoming such a grown up little girl.

We've been doing preschool together.
She is very smart, and she loves the attention.

Her little brothers take up far too much of my energy, and she really needs special time for herself!

Adriana is a complete goof!

She's a big talker and has so much to share with us..... way too often she has a story to tell the very minute we are about to start family prayer.

She has a hilarious personality.

I don't know why, but we all think this picture is so funny - how does she do that with her mouth??

Corina's facebook page is mostly goodreads ratings from books she's finished lately.

She's pretty anxious about going to college and moving past all the high school mess.

She did go on a really fun date last weekend, and she was also able to hang out with friends she hasn't seen in a really long time - so she's not a complete bookworm! 

Her ipod broke recently and she had to suffer through withdrawals without pinterest.
Since they sent her a new ipod she decided she'd be ok.

Mason is humungous.... but so delicious!

He has rolled over a few times (accidentally maybe??), and he sits up by himself now.

We love his big expressive brown eyes and fuzzy red hair!

Landon is rivaling Tanner and Adriana as the devil child of the family.
Everything must be locked up or he destroys it.
He makes bigger messes and climbs higher than Adri ever did.
He even figured out how to open the locks on our doors with a nail.
Little stinker!

He tortures Lea constantly..... taking something that is hers and running as fast as he can to get away.
She of course screams and then runs after him (never catching up) to get it.

Poor girl!

Landon poked holes in Elli's field trip paper resulting in many tears.  Ugh!

Mariah is going snowshoeing today with her class.

She wore about 10 layers to school, and of course she wore her panda hat.

She has such a cute group of friends - girls and boys.

They all try to talk on My Big Campus (kind of like facebook but for younger kids) in the evening.

Elli won a Math award at her school award's assembly.
She didn't know I came to watch and she was very excited to see me at the end.

She came home yesterday and asked me this:
"Mom, which soccer team is better.....the PeaHawks or the Doncos?" 

Yeah - we don't watch a lot of football around these parts.

my phone has a TERRIBLE camera!

I'm homeschooling Annalisa this year.

Shocking I know, but I vowed many years ago (when I first started homeschooling my kids) that I would pray each year about each child and their individual needs.

This is where Anna is supposed to be right now.  Who knows how long it will last, but for now I'm really enjoying it (and so is she).

She's such a great helper with the little kids.
She may just be my saving grace this year.

Akayla is obviously preparing for her mission, busy with classes, loving clogging and social dance, spending lots of time with roommates and friends, and practicing her instruments like crazy.

College life has been good for her.

She has grown so much!

Dave and I celebrated the 20th anniversary of our first date this week with our kids.

We made scones of course (wanna know why?  go here).

We snuggled upstairs (after the kids were in bed) and talked about our great life.

He's still my best friend and I adore him!


good things:
eating clean
date night


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good job ang this is hayley

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